Friday, June 30, 2006

Retreat for Writers

Welcome to my retreat for the weary writer: The Conestoga House. This estate is open to the public every Wednesday with formal gardens with thousands of rare and exotic flowers/plants from around the world. The public is allowed access from June through September and it's absolutely free. A picnic lunch is allowed in the terraced garden area by the pool. This is my great escape! You're free to join me on Wednesday afternoons (if you're in Lancaster, PA)! LOL

I started going regularly last year because an author friend of mine confided in me that she lost her "passion" for writing. I was amazed--shocked really--that anyone could lose their passion once they found it! It seems to be epidemic among writers/speakers. Too much on their plate with deadlines and multi-tasking! Her words came as a great admonishment: anything taken to the extreme can become a weakness! Writing became a "chore" to her--an obligation to fulfill and, yes, one more deadline to meet. Her health suffered, her family lamented, and eventually she experienced a total breakdown. I cried--no sobbed--as she shared the loss of her passion. I wondered, "Would she ever write again?" She said, "I don't miss it at all--my life is full of people that I love--not deadlines. In the process of writing, I lost contact with those I love, my family and friends, and I kept putting things off because of deadlines." Does this sound familiar to any of you writers?!?!?!? Take heed!

I have taken very seriously what she said because I never want to lose my passion for writing, but as long as I'm hooked into the "passion giver," I think I will continue to love what I do.

Of late, I have met even more authors/speakers just like my friend. Create a refuge, guard against a writer's worst enemy--the loss of your first love--the Lord Jesus Christ! Find your own "Conestoga Gardens"--refresh and renew your weary soul! A deadline can wait--your soul cannot!

Living Life Passionately,


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