Thursday, June 29, 2006

Greek Tragedy or Roman Drama?

For those of you who have never given birth in a foreign culture, you have missed one of life's greatest moments. In less than 45 minutes, my oldest son, Jeremy, will turn 25 years old. He was born in Catania, Sicily (the little island off the boot of Italy!). We had a "Cinque-Cento" for a car, which is just about as big as a loaf of bread, and with my nine-month pregnant tummy--we had a car load full! I gave birth in a small clinic without a doctor. I truly believed them when they told me I would deliver sometime the next day!). Jeremy came kicking and screaming into the world in less than three hours after my arrival (while I slept--please don't hate me for having a nearly non-existent labor). I was surprised as anyone to realize that "birth" was so easy (what was that verse in the Bible?). I was expecting unbearable pain, but quite frankly I was scared by all the other laboring Italian women shouting, "Maria, aiutami!" (Translation: Mary, help me!) The only real drama that occurred was watching everyone else run around with haste trying to get me to the delivery room (don't move a laboring woman!). I won that battle and Jeremy was born. I was passionate about giving birth; it was just too much fun! My only disappointment was it didn't last long enough and I didn't get to use my "American" Lamaze classes that we took at Signonella Air Base. I expect those of you who have labored for 36 hours will be giving me a call and letting me know of your disgust! But I have "suffered" in other ways--just not childbirth!

Italians live life passionately without trying (I know I married one), and if I had to do it all over again, all my children would be born there. La dolce vita! Add Italy to your passionate places to visit--you will never regret it!

The "birth" of our passions is often the result of great suffering, but more on that later. Tune into where I will be sharing how God used another kind of suffering to reveal my passions. (I will be blogging the week of July 3-9.)

Living Life Passionately,

Connie Pombo

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