Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Living in the Present Moment!

Today I'm blogging on Boomer Babes about my best friend, Lorraine. We took time out of our busy schedules to spend some time together. Because she lives in Delaware and I live in Pennsylvania, we plan ahead and make it special. You can read about our day on Wednesday's post at

The night before I left for Delaware, I finished the book, One Month to Live. When I read the first chapter, I was shocked--amazed really--because it was so similar to the last chapter of my book, Trading Ashes for Roses. And then I realized, there's nothing new under the sun! All books have already been written, you just have to find a new hook or twist. What intrigued me about the book was the premise, "If you had 30 days to live, what would you do differently?" Although the authors did not personally come to terms with their own mortality through a life-threatening illness, Chris did face it with his mother who was given a month to live after facing a cancer diagnosis. Whatever it takes to allow a person to understand the importance of living in the "now" is a precious gift.

For me, cancer was a gift wrapped in ribbons of pain, fear and doubt, but unwrapped itself into a life of unspeakable joy, purpose, and passion. And for that, I am grateful for 12 years of living life passionately!

May you enjoy the blessings of today by living in the present moment!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Because He Lives!

Wishing you all a blessed Easter! I'll be back next week blogging...


Friday, March 07, 2008


Today I'm blogging on Boomer Babes about "Got Personality." I know we all have one, but do you really understand who you are and how God wired you?

I married my opposite (we usually do!), and we've been married for 32 years. Has it always been easy? No! He is a morning person; I'm an evening person. He likes to sing in the shower; I don't talk until noon. He likes to do triathlons; I like to walk. He likes sunrises and I love sunsets, but we share one thing in common...our love for the outdoors. We have a tradition on his birthday (March 5); we climb to the top of Chickies Rock. It's gorgeous up there with a view of the Susquehanna River and remains one of our favorite picnic places.

We use that time to reflect on the past year and re-evaluate our goals. I'm passionate about nature and so is Mark. We take time to notice the changing of the seasons. Did you realize that spring is on its way!

Our personalities are so different: I'm an ENFP and he's an ISTJ. Do you see any letters that are similar? No! But when we know how one another functions, we can make the journey a little smoother.

God has given us unique gifts, abilities, and passions to be used for his honor and glory. When we understand how we fit in the Body of Christ, we can use them to affect the lives of others for all of eternity. We may have polar opposite personalities, but our love for the Lord is the same and that makes all the difference!

Living Life Passionately!