Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What matters--really?

On Sunday I spoke at Grace Baptist Church in Millersville in the morning service! I felt right at home because while growing up I attended Sunnymead Baptist Church in Southern California. It was there that I received Jesus as my Savior at the tender age of five. So many warm and precious memories flooded my heart as I spoke. I thought about how differently my life is now...I was once a "shy" little girl (ask my family?). I almost didn't graduate from Bible College because I didn't take Speech 101 and was willing not to graduate rather than take the course. So where did I end up? I had to take "Homiletics" (with a bunch of preacher boys--I was the only girl in the class!). That taught me to get over my fear really fast--sink or swim! In fact, they changed the entire structure of the program because of me (I was to give "sermonettes").

As I spoke on Sunday about "Taking Off Our Masks: Developing Christ-Centered Relationships," a woman came up to me afterwards and said, "What you said was so meaningful...we needed to hear your message." I hugged her and said, "Thank you, but it wasn't was God speaking through me."

Today I'm blogging on Boomer Babes Rock (jump on over and check it out!). I share how walking through the local cemetery keeps my life in focus because my desire is to always point others back to God. I may be the writer, speaker, author for a short time on this earth, but my "heavenly" purpose is to always points others to the "Jesus" I found when I was five years old in a little Baptist Church in Southern California.

What really matters on this earth is allowing others to see "Jesus" in me and that's what I'm really passionate about!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Taking Ten Minutes

The backyard is my favorite place, but more so lately with limited mobility. To get you caught up to speed: While visiting my family in California I went dirt bike riding (not on my passionate to-do list) and a tree jumped out in front of me! A torn rotator cuff—among other things—was the end result. I'm in physical therapy twice a week, which has slowed me down quite a bit...something I needed.

But I'm back to taking pictures and that is my passion, something I discovered through my tragedy, pain and loss with cancer eleven years ago. Now I'm re-learning what I've always known...whatever you are going through in the "pain" department it opens your eyes to things you might have missed along the way! This sunset started out with the clouds rolled back as a one of my favorite hymns. So guess what? I sang the sunset down! And because I was patient…I got this picture. Oh, I’m glad I waited 10 minutes!