Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All I Want for Christmas is my Car Keys!

Do you tend to lose things...important things...vital things like car keys? When I'm at home, I have a special place for them and I always know where to find them, but when I'm out and about shopping with a million things on my mind, they tend to wander into different places. But I have to admit, this time I really did it! I mailed my car keys to Harrisonburg, Virginia (by accident of course).

Today, I'm blogging on Boomer Babes, so you can read all about it. If you have done something "crazy" like mailing your car keys or maybe something more embarrassing, let me know...I'd love to hear about it.

My son arrives home from college today, so I'm out to stock the refrigerator! He's passionate about FOOD and I don't want to hear the words, "There's nothing to eat here!"

Happy Shopping Everyone (and don't forget your car keys!).

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Giving!

Yesterday I got back from the mall and thought, Now I know why I do my Christmas shopping in October! I got shoved, bumped, and tripped. And all I wanted to buy was a pair of fuzzy warm know the kind? They are microfiber and feel like a scarf on your feet. I bought the confetti ones (they look as good as they feel)!.

When I emerged from the chaos inside the mall, I thought I was home free, except I couldn't find my car (a few hundred more cars moved into all the little slots where I thought my car should have been). I wandered aimlessly pointing my key chain "gizmo" to every white-colored car (do you know how many people have white cars?). As I pointed and clicked, I prayed that somewhere out there, my car's headlights would "wink" back at me. No such luck! I finally had to stop at Starbucks to receive "nourishment" before I continued on my journey!

To help lessen your burden, so you don't get shoved, bumped, tripped or bruised at the shopping mall, I'm offering my holiday gift package to you: Five FREE books and a Josh Groban CD. I started a ShoutLife page and all the details are there. So here's what I'm giving away:

Chicken Soup for the Coffee Lover's Soul (strange huh? Soup in your coffee?)

Living The Serenity Prayer by Adams Media

The One Year Life Verse Devotional by Tyndale House

God Allows U-Turns for Women by Bethany House

A Cup of Comfort Devotional For Mothers by Adams Media

CD: Noel by Josh Groban (if I have the courage to part with it!). Thankfully, it's all wrapped up!

(Just let me know if you want the books autographed!)

Go to and sign up for my free newsletter and you will be entered into the contest. Deadline: High Noon on Saturday, December 15, 2007 (EST). Under the "Contact Us" link (type in book bundle giveaway!). That's it!

Happy "Shopping"!

P.S. I know what I'm asking for Christmas...a GPS device (one for inside the car and the other on my key chain!).