Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do you have to Suffer to Be Beautiful?

Growing up I heard the phrase a lot from my mom, "You have to suffer to be beautiful." Well, I do remember placing ice cubes on my eyebrows the first time I plucked them and thinking, Why would anyone deliberately do that?

I'm passionate about a lot of things, but plucking my eyebrows just isn't one of them and neither is curling my eyelashes! Today I'm blogging on "Boomer Babes Rock" about my recent experience with the eyelash curler that opened my eyes to suffering in a new way!

Painful circumstances always teach us a valuable lesson and most of us want to hide from pain--I know I do! But as I reflect on my life, there wasn't a lot of growing spiritually when things were going smoothly. In fact, just the opposite happened--I digressed.

The most passionate people I know have suffered some great tragedy, pain or loss. Some have experienced more than their share. It's not the degree of pain, it's what we have learned from the experience that makes the difference.

God has allowed some great suffering to occur in my life, but the beauty I see comes from within--a spritual awakening to what's truly important in life.
So my mom really was right, "You have to suffer to be beautiful!"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Meet the Dream Team!

Today I'm blogging on Boomer Babes Rock...about my passion for dirt biking that led to some undesired results. Sometimes this 50-something "babe" doesn't realize she isn't 20 anymore!

Thankfully...we learn from our experiences and we don't repeat them again (most of the time!), and I plan to stay closer to the ground in the upcoming months.

This experience allowed me to realize that I probably won't be doing #27 on my passionate to-do list (parachuting out of an airplane) for quite some time.

That's okay...there are a lot of other things for this "boomer babe" to do that don't require lifting too far off the earth. And if I happen to drift...there's always the dream team in the wings to put me back together again!

Living Life Passionately (with both arms!),


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

101 Uses for Things!

I'm always amazed---shocked really--at the multiple uses for "one" thing--like baking soda and Coke. Did you realize the beverage "Coke" can clean your engine, polish the chrome on your car, clean your toilets, and who knows what else?

Read about more startling discoveries on Boomer Babes Rock...I'm blogging there today. Let me know what "double-duty" uses you've come up with and which ones you're most "passioante" about. The first one to respond to this blog, will receive one of my favorite "products."'s a surprise!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"The Wind Beneath My Wings"

I'm posting on Boomer Babes Rock today, so check it out! I'm revealing something about myself I've never told anyone except my husband and my mom (watch out!).
And because I've been "tagged" by my dear friend, Susan Kelly Skitt, I'm also revealing a few more things about me which we will call: 7 Random "Me-Me" Facts!
Unfortunately, I lost the list (I wrote them on a napkin at Starbucks), so this is the new and revised version.
1. I can "fly." Fly on over to Boomer Babes to read the rest of the story!
2. Japanese is my third language (actually fourth!). The first three and half years of my life were spent in Japan and so it was my "play" language. Strangely enough, it comes back to me in "song," like "London Bridges Falling Down." If you want the Japanese version, feel free to e-mail me!
3. I love to take "midnight" walks (around our neighborhood)! I'm a night owl, so I love the stillness and quiet, the moon, the stars, and now the "June" bugs!
4. My favorite flavor of popsicle is "banana." They are hard to find, but when I find them, I buy them in bulk!
5. The smell of the earth after the rain...I guess that's why I love waterfalls too!
6. My dad was in the Air Force for 15 years and so that makes me an Air Force Brat. I never liked that term, but I was fortunate to have lived in many cultures in my lifetime (a world traveler at a young age!).
7. I won a spelling bee in fifth grade (before the days of spell check!).
Okay, now watch're next!