Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Proper "Weigh" Revisted

Two years ago, I posted this blog on Boomer Babes and can you believe it...the ten pounds finally came off? So now I don't have to go to such great "lengths" to make myself believe that I actually weigh less than I actually "was" (are you confused yet?). Read on...

If you don't want to do it the hard way (eat less and exercise more), just get yourself a Kymaro body shaper (they work...you automatically look 10-20 pounds thinner). Although once you're in, you're not getting out (trust me!). You will be permanently "iglooed" into that thing. I almost called 911 to help me wiggle out until my hubby arrived on the scene and rescued me (not once, but twice!). I must say the proper "weigh" is so much easier!

Here's a stroll down memory lane...

“I can’t believe I was doing it wrong all these years. We MUST get the word out!”

My precious mom sent me this e-mail last week; I fell off my chair laughing! Only because I am THAT woman! For years, I have been tricking myself into believing that I’m the proper weight. And—now—I want to share with you a little “secret”!

First of all, I do weigh myself (regularly!), once a month in Towson, MD (are you listening, Dotsie?). I go to the GNC store (lower level of the Towson Mall), tastefully peel off all the layers of clothing (to what is legally allowed!), put 50 cents into that silly weight machine, and enter my height: 5 feet 11 inches!


Truth be told, I’m exactly 5 feet 3-3/4 inches. Here’s my “secret”: If you put in a “taller” height, you get a reading like this: “You are 35 pounds underweight for your height. Here are some tips to help you gain weight.” (Oh, such glorious words!)

I dance out of the store, waving my tiny receipt in the air, and shout, “Yeah, I need to gain weight!” Shoppers scoot out of my way as I gallop upstairs to Starbucks and order my double mocha cappuccino.


Yes. I’m really 10 pounds overweight. The same 10 pounds I gain and lose in five-year cycles. And the same—seemingly endless—vanity pounds that keep disappearing and reappearing. So what’s the point?

This is January (right?) . . . and next month is February (I think!). So between now and chocolate season (my heart’s desire), I need to lose 10 pounds (only because I have my cholesterol checked on February 14—heart day!). If that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is?

Here’s the serious part (you knew I’d get to it!): I’m a survivor (as in cancer). So why should I care about my cholesterol, my weight, and taking care of myself? Because now I have so much more to live for. I got a taste of life ten years ago—while facing my own mortality (if that isn’t an oxymoron?)—and I LOVE LIFE! I think that’s the proper “weigh” to live.




And pleeeeease throw out the BATHROOM scales!

“A merry heart does good, like medicine . . . ” (The Bible!).

Living Life Passionately and a "little" Lighter,

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Desperate times call for desperate measures. I have re-evaluated my life and I am simplifying! I took a hard look at all I'm doing between now and when we move to California and realized, there's not enough "me" to go around.

I've cleared my calendar of all unnecessary stuff (that was hard!) and here's what I came up with for the next six months:

1. Make "me" a priority. I will go to the gym faithfully (every morning--no excuses!). Four more pounds to reach my goal weight (the home stretch is in sight). No peeking at e-mail until I return from the gym (period!).
2. Preparations for our move to California which also includes cleaning, packing, sorting and throwing away the non-essentials (one drawer, one closet, one file cabinet at a time).
3. Blog only twice a week and disable comments for the next three months (a temporary meaure).
4. Speaking engagements, no more than twice a month until moving preparations are complete.
5. Writing days (two full days per week), until the book "Moms of Sons" is done. Publisher due date: September 2009.
6. Spa days (once a month). I have a certificate from October 2008 that I haven't even used yet (and the last time I checked, we're in 2009).
7. Freelance work (two articles per week--no more!).
8. Date night reinstituted (once a week) or more as needed.
9. E-book on mentoring (to be completed by August 2009).
10. Try to figure out what to do with our cat Bianca. Do we bring her with us to California or do we find a loving home for her in Pennsylvania?

Newsflash: I changed my blog address to http://www.livinglifepassionately.com/ because I thought it was more simple than http://www.livinglifepasionately.blogstpot.com/. That's progress, don't you think? And I changed the color back to white (pure simplicity). It helps me to think in clean lines.

Wow, I feel like a new person. This week the mold remediation people are coming to clean our basement and maybe I won't have to wear my "gas" mask when I venture into the basement. I just happen to be in the 15 percent of people who are allergic to mold.

Here's to living simply again!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Beach Party GIVEAWAY!

Today it’s a balmy 35 degrees. To my dear friends in Florida and California, this may not seem like a sunny day to you, but believe me after weeks and weeks of wind, ice and subzero temperatures…this is as good as it gets.

So in honor of my favorite activity and warmer weather ahead (I hope!), I’m having a “Day at the Beach” party and you’re all invited.

And there’s more…a free GIVEAWAY! It’s a day at the beach in a box (from the life in miniature series). Just leave a comment and write about your favorite beach experience and I’ll toss your name in the sand bucket.

The winner will be drawn on February 1, 2009.

Here’s what you will receive: sea shells, sandals, white sand, sand container, beach chair, beach umbrella, beach ball, and floating ring. Sorry, but you’ll have to bring your own picnic lunch. All of this is yours to enjoy without the added risk of a sunburn.

And just in time for spring, I'll include an autographed copy of The Ultimate Mom by Chicken Soup. But you'll have to wait until April 1, 2009 for that one!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite beach photographs...

To warmer days ahead!

P.S. Deena the PINK is for you sweet friend!! Here's hoping your day is a blessing. When I need encouragement, I run to "Can I be pretty in pink?"

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Moms of Sons

As moms of sons, we get left out of a lot of things, like “Mother/Daughter Banquets” and shopping sprees. I remember when we were in ministry, I had to “rent” a daughter to take to the banquet every year (usually from a mom that had more than one to spare!).

If I’m honest, I have missed having a daughter—you know…dressing her up in pink, going out to lunch, and doing “girly-girl” things.

That’s why I’m so thankful to be part of Extreme Diva Media that is on a mission to celebrate friendship in 2009. You can read all about it on the website Jean Ann Duckworth has created so masterfully. But the premise of a “diva” has nothing to do with Britney Spears or “Jaylo,” but rather to create less stress, more joy, develop simplicity, and to honor relationships.

And how do we do that? By spending time with our girlfriends (of course!). My author friend, Kathy Pride, is putting more “margins” in her life right now because her kids are scattered in ages 9 to 27. Mine have just about flown the coop. In fact, today I received Jon’s graduation pictures in the mail (and sobbed). He is graduating summa cum laude and looks so handsome in his cap and gown.

I just wrote out the check for his yearbook and included a photo with a caption (more tears!). I reminisced how Jon was my “slow” to talk little guy. But he loved reading from Richard Scarry’s Dictionary at naptime. We started with the A’s and by the C’s, Jon was asleep (always!). I caught this picture of him developing his pre-college study habits (book open, eyes closed, and sunglasses on).

As I thought about those times of rest (reading to my “babies”), I have no regrets. I treasured every moment of “mommyhood” and wouldn’t change a thing!

And now that Jon is graduating in May 2009 (and “yes” he has a job already). He signed on with a major marketing firm on January 7, 2009 (so he’s officially on “summer break”). We figured out that he could make straight D’s and still graduate with a 3.40 average! But knowing Jon, he will never be late for class (and will probably show up a few minutes early), and won’t take anything less than an A.

We’ve had some great times over the past six weeks of vacation: watching DVD’s, talking and having leisurely breakfasts, celebrating Jon’s new job, thinking about the future and what a move to Cleveland will entail (that’s where his new job is located), and wondering what furniture he can take from our house to set up his new apartment. How did these four years pass so quickly? What was I doing?

I know, I was thinking about what I missed about not having a daughter. Well, guess what? I would be passing out more pink ribbons, and so it’s with a thankful heart that I will not have to pass on this disease to my daughter. It’s already touched too many lives in our family.

Instead, I will celebrate the joy of “renting” daughters, loving my “daughter-in-laws,” and adding my name to the book, Moms of Sons by Extreme Diva Media.

Boy, do I have some stories to tell…

Living Life Passionately,

P.S. I have some giveaways coming up. Several books are coming out that I have had the privilege of being a part of, including The Ultimate Mom by Chicken Soup (they are including three of my stories). Due out on April 1, 2009 (no joke!).

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ice Capades

This morning I awoke to “crunching”—the sound of ice being scraped off windshields. Unlike snow—where the world is hushed under layers of white—ice is noisy!

I peered out the window and it was spectacular…an ice palace had formed overnight. I grabbed my camera, my clogs, and “rain” gear and headed outside (treacherous, but it was worth it).

The grass sounded like broken glass beneath my feet as I held onto the neighbor’s fence to guide me to the berry trees. There are no safe spots in an ice storm and only a small window of opportunity to catch the ice crystals before the rain washes them away.

My “trees of Tuscany” looked like the twin leaning towers of Pisa. I chuckled at the weight they were carrying and wanted to say, “It’s okay, you’ll stand straight and tall once again—maybe!” Actually their branches reminded me of my hair when I scrunch too much mousse into it.

This is our fifth—maybe sixth—ice storm of the year and not my favorite type of weather pattern. You can’t play in it, build snowmen, throw snowballs, or even make snow angels. It’s only good to look at—much like the "icing on the cake." So this morning, I “basked” in the splendor of the gift that only nature can bring.

Enjoy my “ice capades” and be thankful that you live in an ice-free environment, which is why we are moving to California (in just 13 short months); they just have fog, rain, and sunshine.

Ahh...that will be "berry, berry" nice!

P.S. Did you notice the new pink on my blog? There's a reason why everything is coming up PINK! More on that tomorrow...

Here's a sneak peek! See if you recognize the pink boa in the EDM Magazine (hint: page 2-3).

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

What's In and What's Out for 2009!

I just read the Washington Post’s article on “What’s In and What’s Out for 2009”? I guess it’s no surprise that Jon and Kate Plus Eight is out! They actually moved from our quiet little town, so they are no longer our “neighbors.” Having the street back to normal is a great relief to all; no more traffic jams in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

But I was disappointed that Rick Warren was voted out! C’mon…I just bought the “Purpose Driven” office calendar for 2009. Personally, I don’t think that Rick is ever going away (or the principles that he stands for). Don’t they know he’s giving the invocation at the inauguration? I'm still waiting for my tickets to arrive in the mail (if you know of their whereabouts please let me know).

The greatest disappointment of all was “Mamma Mia!” is out. No way, no how. My hubby is watching it downstairs right now as my little fingers dance on these keys. Jon can’t stand it, so he fled to the basement to escape the “noise.” I for one will never, ever depart with my DVD. It’s here to stay…at least in our house (sorry, Jon!).

There you have it…what’s in and what’s out for 2009! I'll let you know what's "on and off" my list for 2009 next time we "talk."

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