Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Do you know what two sanguine personalities do when they get together?

They have fun—lots of fun! My writer friend, Kathy and I made the town of Hershey kisses turn into a mega shopping spree, lunch, and—of course—Starbucks. Is there any better way to spend the day?

Yesterday, it hit a balmy 60 degrees and we saw one woman in a red sleeveless dress, high heels, and sporting a red Coach purse (with sunglasses). I thought I was on the “Miracle Mile” in Miami.

Today we’re having a major snowstorm and everything is a wash of white.

Yesterday, however, it was all about PINK. Kathy and I enjoy the same interests: coffee (she gave me a notepad that read, “coffee is my blood type”); shopping, shopping, shopping, and—of course—great food, and CHOCOLATE (one of the major food groups!).

Did I say chocolate?

Try combining the two into something called, “mini cappuccino cake,” and you’ve got “heaven on earth.”

We have more planned in the future to help others enjoy what comes naturally for us: enjoying life to its fullest—one coffee, one chocolate, one shopping spree at a time. Mix a little laughter, “serious” talk, and MORE coffee and you’ve got a day of pure “sanguinality.”

You have to read more about my “sanguine” friend, Kathy. You’ll love her!



Susan Skitt said...

Sounds like a great day! Us Sanguines always have fun, don't we?

Connie Pombo said...

Oh yes, don't we! Come to Hershey and I'll take you to my favorite place! Then we can shop the outlets at Hershey!

Kathy and I are percolating with some ideas for some day conferences that are all about FUN! More to come on that...

Stay tuned!