Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grab a Calendar!

Today I turned the page on the calendar and realized I didn't have one...after December comes January (right?).

There was no January (we're almost all done with 2008)!

On Monday during our shopping spree, I came across a gorgeous "Italy" calendar, and Kathy said, "No, don't buy one now because they'll be on SALE in January!"

That's a powerful word to any woman...SALE!

"Good idea, Miss Kathy. I love saving money, but I need a kitchen calendar now!" I screeched.

I was a good "girl" and walked away from the calendar aisle.

But I came home "calendar-less" with a full January spilling into December's squares. So I surfed the Internet to find a suitable calendar in the meantime.

I found it--a stress-reliever and calendar rolled into one. It's made out of bubble wrap (my favorite thing to do on a snowy afternoon!). I had to create my own, so I rummaged through a few boxes and found just the right size "squares."

Are you a bubble-wrapper-popper kind of person? If you are, then go grab some bubble wrap and make your own stress-free calendar for 2009.

While you're grabbing things, check out my "picture" on the sidebar. It was taken at my brother's wedding in Del Mar, California, which is where I want to be after scraping two inches of ice off my windshield this morning.

That's why I love calendars...I need the pictures to look at (so go grab yourself a picture...what are you waiting for). Believe me, I popped a few bubbles of my own trying to crack the HTML code for those two items.

I'm rethinking my career at this point!


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4 comments: said...

OK, I am hiring you as my web guru. I'm serious! Interested? What woman can resist more earning potential. I know if I try to tiptoe into these waters of HTML code, buttons and blog skins I will be pushed totally over the edge. Hey, love you. Can't believe we used the same photo!

Connie Pombo said...

Hey Miss Kathy,

I'm glad I resisted my calendar-buying temptation. You should see my bubble wrap calendar (oh so fun!). I think we should offer them on the Kathy and Connie Road Trip Conferences!?!?! What do you think. Of course, it has a pretty picture behind it too!

Can you believe I did that HTML thingy? I totally shocked myself!!!

I have some ideas (that's dangerous!), about some other things related to K&C (smile!).

Have FUN today!


Susan Skitt said...

Okay, you did it! I knew you could and you surpassed it by making your own little button! Hurray! I've taken one for my site :) And your picture - it's beautiful out there Connie!

Oh and I love bubble wrap too. We should sell sheets of it - we'd make a fortune - lol!

Love ya,

Connie Pombo said...

Oh, if I could only leave the bubble wrap alone (I'm a compulsive bubble popper). So far, I've made "zero" calendars because I can't leave the stuff alone long enough to get it pasted to the front of the numbers. There has to be some kind of support group out there for people like me!

My inspiration for the button came from you my dear. I loved your website/blog site so much, and fell in love with your "button." I had to have one for myself. See how contagious this stuff is?!?!?

Well, you know the rest of the story. What did we do before "Goggle"? I just kept "googling" until I found the answers to "button" making. LOL!
Three hours later...the result!

Thanks for your inspiration and your beautiful blog; it makes me feel good everytime I visit!