Friday, December 05, 2008

A Miracle in the Sky!

My hubby was driving home on Monday night and called me on the cell phone (he pulled off the side of the road first!).

“Look out the window now!" he said.

I’ve been sequestered with a writing deadline this week and haven’t seen much of the outdoors (except for our Christmas tree extravaganza on Sunday).

I was amazed—shocked really—at the sight in the sky. The moon, Jupiter and Venus lined up to form a smiley face! It was perfectly clear when I snapped a picture (although you can’t tell by looking at this photo!).

It’s a good thing I took the shot because it won’t happen again for another 40 years (that formation anyway!).

It was so cool (literally!).

I love moments like that as I stood on the back porch in stocking feet clicking away photo after photo, imagining what the earth will be like in 40 years? I’m just trying to live long enough to see my debit card expire in 2012. When I activated my new card yesterday, I nearly passed out; I’ll be 59 years old (jeepers!).

Our days are numbered and it makes me enjoy moments like the one I had on Monday night—gazing at the “stars” (I know they were planets, but they twinkled like stars)—and imagining how big our God is to place miracles like that in my own backyard to make me smile.

If you saw what I saw…let me know (and send me a photo).

Keep looking up and you just might see another miracle!

Click here for a better picture that I stumbled upon!


Tracy Ruckman said...

Would you believe I stood there and watched the moon and planets for awhile, marveling at the beauty and brightness, and never ONCE thought to grab my camera! I'm slipping!

We have such an awesome God!

Connie Pombo said...


I was mesmerized myself, but when I heard it was once in 40 years I thought that a picture might be in order (smile!).

Mine didn't turn out that well, but I guess it's the thought that counts!


Flea said...

Are you dying quickly and we don't know about it? I thought the cancer was history? Girl, you will live exactly as long as God wants you to live. Let it be and just live it!

Connie Pombo said...

Hey Flea,

Check out what I did? Yes, I am an "ENFP" and I'm very simple to buy for (ask my "boys"), but check out my new pink look to match my pink ornament. Something tells me that I'm procrastinating?!?!?


Flea said...

Oh you're procrastinating alright. And it's a beautiful thing. :)

Connie Pombo said...

Ya think?

I just set the timer to get my Christmas cards sent out today; I have exactly one hour!