Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wake-up Call

Yesterday, I went to the library to do some research. I love the E-town library; it’s huge and has all these nooks and crannies to get lost in (literally!); WIFI access, and it even has a Coffee House (yummy stuff!). I had to do some research, so I had about 10 books that I checked out. I took them in groups of three because they were huge books and heavy too! When I sauntered up to the counter, the dutiful librarian keyed in the number on my swipe card and said, “Oh no! You have quite a fine here; you can’t check out these books until it’s paid!”

To my surprise, I owed the library $11.00 in late fees (I’m not even sure how that happened!), but I had to walk to the ATM across the street, get my money and wait in line again to pay my fine (by that time I had a parking ticket too, but it wasn’t $11.00). Shh…Mark doesn’t know (yet!).

After I paid my “dues,” the librarian said, “Now I need to take your picture!” So I said, “Can I get my driver’s license renewed here too?”

She said, “No, but you can get your passport picture taken!” (Librarians are no fun…all business!)

(I guess the photo is to keep you from identify theft, but it was too late for me!). But I felt like I was supporting my local library, so I was “fine” with it!

Since I already paid for my library "dues" and parking ticket, I didn’t have any money left over for a passport photo, so I passed on that one!

And then on the way out the door, I picked up a flyer with the events for the month of September. I noticed that on the 18th, there was an author speaking on “Writing to Heal.” I was quite interested because I give the same seminar! So I read on a little further…

Guess what?

That was me; I had forgotten all about it! It was scheduled about a year ago and here I thought my speaking didn’t start until October. Come to find out…there’s a “few” other things I forgot. So now I’m going through my calendars (all three of them) with a close eye to see what else I “forgot”!

That was quite a wake-up call! Maybe that’s why I’ve been having bad dreams; my subconscious was trying to get my attention!


Flea said...

Oh Connie, that's HILARIOUS about your speaking event! And the fines? It's why I don't check out books anymore. Too expensive. The library's right behind my house and I still don't return books. :( But aren't those little cafes the greatest?

Connie Pombo said...

You have a libarary right behind your house? How fun. Mine is about 8 miles down the road, but I love it (maybe the coffee house more!). How about that fine? Crazy--huh? I now have the
return date circled on the calendar in red and on my alert mode in my Inbox. Can't hurt, might help!


Greg C said...

Don't you just love forgetting things? Last week I took my youngest to band sign-up. We drove around the school looking for signs of life with no luck. Finally we went to the office but no one was there either. As we headed back to the car, my son asked "Is today the 3rd?" I said no that is next Wednesday, why would you ask that. He said "I think the sign-up is on the 3rd." I guess kids forget too. It's not just for older people. LOL

Connie Pombo said...

Oh good, now I feel like I'm in good company! One time I was a day earlier for my yearly physical. And I asked the receptionist if that ever happened before. She hesitated and then said, "Only in our 90-year-old patients!"


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh my goodness, I had some hefty fines one time too. I took some books out for reserach and forgot the date. I got mixed up - oh you should see my calendar. I will post on it one day. I actually took a picture of my calendar to document what a mess it is because by the end of the month it has lines crossed through events with writing over it - yikes! I should take my own advice and write in pencil. But then I can never find an eraser... (smile)

Oh that's too bad about the parking ticket, but I am sure glad you found out you had a seminar. The people are in for a treat!

Connie Pombo said...

I have now combined by three calendars into ONE...can't hurt, might HELP!