Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Band-Aids and Wrinkle Cream

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed—literally! Mark had shifted places in the middle of the night—no doubt due to the cat incident the night before and my “strange” dreams of late. He said, “I kept moving him over to the edge of the bed!” Poor man, he already has one broken hip and I almost “threw” him off the side of the bed and broke the other one. I can’t remember what I was dreaming about, but Mark said I was “groaning” and this morning I was on his side and he was on mine!


That’s how my morning started! And then while I was making the bed (yes, I do that occasionally), I caught my nail on the comforter and ripped it off along with my hangnail. I spent the rest of the morning keyboarding with a Band-Aid and Neosporin dripping on the keys. I’ve now mastered the Band-Aid problem, but I realized that it has slowed me down considerably and things on my keyboard are in different places. My icons are all messed up, my toolbar is at the top of the screen instead of the bottom, and I’m resting my hands on the keys too much (bad habit), which causes this “thingy” to pop up (an alert notice asking me if I want to cancel?). Not really big stuff, but it makes my forehead furrow, So this afternoon I looked for my wrinkle cream. I bought some six months ago with a coupon, but only started using it three weeks ago.

It works (really!).

It’s Olay Regenerist in the red container with a silver lid and it smells oh so yummy. I think it’s supposed to be for the face, but now I spread it all over my body…it firms and does all kinds of neat things. My arms started getting that “chicken thingy”—wobbly sort of—because I can’t lift weights anymore, and swimming isn’t doing the trick. I have two “little” black dresses that are sleeveless for my brother’s wedding, so I’m now going to buy a caseload of the stuff and what doesn’t get fixed by October 4, 2008, I’m going to put a Band-Aid on it. That should look nice for pictures—don’t you think?

Which all brings me to the new movie “Bottle Shock.” My bother emailed me last week and asked me to tell my friends (that’s you), to watch it. His girlfriend from high school (circa 1986) ended up marrying a screenwriter (her second marriage), and they produced this movie about the Napa Valley and the history of wine. I haven’t seen the movie (it’s playing in selected cities), but if it takes off it will be playing nationwide. David and Lynette are still good friends and he actually got to be on location while they were filming in Napa. Umm…I didn’t get invited!

Okay, back to bed on my "right" side and hopefully the wrinkle cream works and I can get rid of the Band-Aid tomorrow.


Greg C said...

I like wine. I would love to see that movie. I got to visit one winery when I was in Napa Valley many years ago. I also visited one in upstate NY.

I am not sure why you need that wrinkle cream but I love your bandaid colors. Have a great one and stay on your side of the bed.

Tracy Ruckman said...

Wow - what adventures you're having in your dreams. I'll be praying you get some good, solid rest - and for Mark to get some, too.

I love Oil of Olay - that's the ONLY beauty produce I use. I'll have to check out the Regenerist - thanks for the tip.

We'll check out that movie, too!

Connie Pombo said...

That would be great if you could see the movie; I recognized some of the stars and I can't believe my brother didn't take me along, but he's an LA guy so this stuff just goes right over his head. And usually I hear about it with an FYI.

Touring wineries in Napa Valley is so much fun; you've really done a lot of traveling. Wow!

Last night was "strange" dreams, although I sometimes gain my inspiration from them if I can remember what they were. :-)

Have a great day!

Connie Pombo said...

I'm still an Oil of Olay girl too, but this stuff is amazing. I don't know what's in it, but it's the best stuff I've ever used. I need to do a commercial!

Maybe it works different on everyone, but so far it's lived up to my expectations.

Last night was a good night: no dreams, no cats, and we each stayed on our side of the bed! Hoping it stays that way!