Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Bus Stops Here!

Yesterday was an "at home" day because little "Miss Buick" was in the shop for repairs. It rained. It poured. It sounded like a 25-gun salute out my window, welcoming the McCain-Palin bus to town. I actually reserved a ticket to see the rally at Franklin and Marshall University, but alas I couldn’t go…the bus didn’t stop here!

When I picked up our Buick all fixed up and looking like herself again, I headed to the gym—along with 6,500 other people! What time was that rally anyway? I couldn’t tell if they were coming or going. There were buses from New York, New Jersey, school buses, church buses…all kinds of buses. (And they all stopped at the railroad tracks, which ran right through Harrisburg Pike on the way to Franklin and Marshall.)

The only thing I actually “saw” of Sarah Palin was a caravan of SUV’s with tinted windows and lots of shouts as it passed by. Other than that, it was just more buses!

Did I ever make it to the gym? No, but I plan to try again tomorrow. I think all the buses will have stopped by then!


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh my goodness, it looks like she's making quite the stir, eh? I saw the coverpage for an online article and it said, "McCain-Palin or Palin-McCain?"

I'm telling you, she's a modern day Deborah. You remember Deborah from the book of Judges, right? (Oh I wonder if I wrote on her for that Women of the Bible book if I would have made it!)

If I write on my blog about this topic (I usually avoid politics because I'm a novice on issues per se, except issues I'm passionate about like pro-life, pro-marriage), I will write about the Deborah aspect.

I can't wait until the VP debates. I'm thinking they will get more coverage than the Pres. debates!!!

Connie Pombo said...

I know, I usually stay out of politics myself, but I couldn't help myself. On the cover of "Time" or "Newsweek" there was the word "Palintology." She has become quite the phenomenon, and I love her bold attempt to pronounce: "Lancaster." It's only taken me 20 years to say it correctly, and she pulled it off "okay." There were even some Amish that attended the rally (that's amazing!).

Let the debates begin!

Connie Pombo said...

I need to add one more thing: I don't know of any author who made it into "Women of the Bible." At least none of the well knowns that usually make it into the series. It has me wondering...I guess I'll have to pick up a copy.

BTW, I loved your devo about "Deborah." So relevant right now!