Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Hands Please!

I needed a hand today…really I mean that!

Right now, I’m working my laptop and PC simultaneously. One has the PowerPoint on it; the other does not. One has the HP printer all in one; the other does not. One can print; the other cannot. I have cords, battery packs, and folders strewn across my office like Hurricane Ike just made landfall.


I did a PowerPoint for a presentation on leadership for Merck Pharmaceuticals (I just found out that it’s global and it’s a BIG deal). Oh, and there will be men there; I thought it was the "Merck Women’s Network."

What was I thinking?

So I changed all the “Hers” to “Him/Her” and made my “she” pictures into “he/she” pictures. Then I e-mailed it to the meeting planner.

It didn’t go through—not even in a zipped file—so now it’s going with my hubby tomorrow morning to be Next Day Air’d (I think that’s UPS).

See what I mean?

Take a deep breath, Connie!

No pressure, no pressure.

Oh, and then the meeting planner says, “This is a BIG deal!”

Okay, I say to myself. I know that already!

The problem: I’ll be returning from California on the red eye (there’s a reason why they call it that), and have to be in New Jersey bright and early that morning at the Merck Gate so they can give me clearance to get through the doors (maybe I’ll just spend the night at the airport).

And all this doesn't happen until October 8th (a lot can happen between now and then--right?).

I’m still here, wondering if I can figure out another way to keyboard with my TEETH!

If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’m plowed under, but I’ll resurface. Maybe tomorrow, if someone will just give me a hand!


www.kathypride.com said...

You sound like me. Two laptops with various programs, one with a printer, papers all over my office floor and I have been trying to submit shop reports and the last three that I have written have gone through blank. Of course I didn't print backups of what I wrote, so it's all gone...Arghhhh...Maybe I will just give up and give you both of my hands, in the meantime feel the love, hugs coming your way, oh, and I commented to your previous post, you wonderful friend, you!
Love, Kathy

Connie Pombo said...


Guess what I saw on television?

The "mini-motel"! No, no, no...it's not a movie...it's a tent!

It zips up like a laptop (weighs 5 pounds), and comes complete with an air mattress, so you can pitch a tent in the airport. Just "park" your shoes outside and zip yourself up in that baby!

Kathy, what's wrong?!?! WHY, WHY, WHY...didn't we think of that?!?!?!?

But the problem, I'm not sure if we'll get much rest. People aren't used to "tents" in the airport and can you see those dogs sniffing at our tent?

If I go overseas anytime soon, I'm thinking of taking my tent (I mean that...maybe to California too!).

Oh, yes. I did read your comment and I commented. Hold on...this book keeps falling off my lap!

Okay...that's better.

I think I'm not meant to be a writer/speaker/author...what do you think?!?!?

And I do feel your pain about losing reports. I ALWAYS think it will be "easier" if I just type in the stuff without doing it in a Word document first. I've been known to stay up until 3:00 AM to get "re-done" what I already "did."


P.S. Truly, I think we were sisters separated at birth. We should really think about co-authoring a "tent" book!