Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Checking In and Out!

I know this is “Writing Wednesday,” but I just figured out the more I write, the less I know!

I only wrote five pieces for submission this past year and I just heard back from three of them. I made the 100 semi-finalists, but didn’t make it into the 49 selected.

Okay, I know editors are under no obligation to write you a nice e-mail and say, “Congratulations you made the semifinalists, but you didn’t make the 49.” I understand that and I appreciate their thoughtfulness. I still haven't heard from the other two, but that won’t be until the New Year (the publishing process takes a long time). It almost makes you want to crawl into your own “mini-motel” and hide!

Which brings me to the new item on my wish list—“The Mini Motel.” I saw it advertised last night on the news and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” If you have ever been stuck in an airport for more than three hours, you know what I mean. People crawling over you, children screaming, and crammed spaces that disappear as soon as you take a potty break.

The “Mini Motel” is for such occasions when you have a layover and want to get some shuteye. Think of it as your ”home away from home.” It weighs just five pounds and is no bigger than a laptop when folded up.

My only fear is that it kind of looks like one of those blow-up slides from the outside and I can see some little curious one trying to slide down the front of my “Mini-Motel.”

But I’m still going to check into it!


Greg C said...

Oh I can see myself pitching that tent in the airport terminal. They would have the police on me so fast. Then I would say "where does it say I can't camp here?" and end up arrested. I do like the looks of it though. :)

Connie Pombo said...


You always crack me up with your comments. You need your own show...the ratings would go sky high!

Yeah, that was one of my concerns at first too.

Now we're going to have "tent city" in the terminals, and designated areas just for the "tent people," and what if you're in the WRONG place at the RIGHT time?!?!? That's always my problem.

I can see my little tent being carried away (with me in it) to Airport Security in one of those "airport carts" and guess who missed her flight?

Flea said...

Aren't single person tents lighter weight? A hammock - that's what you need in an airport. You can get a nice, colorful cotton one at Bass ProShops pretty cheap. Then everyone can still see you, you don't pose a security threat, and you can still use he laptop.

Connie Pombo said...

Oh you crack me up...sure a hammock that's all I need. I got in one this summer no problem, but there's a trick to getting out of those things (with my arm/shoulder problems I'm lucky to get out of bed in the morning).

Last week I went running and stopped to lay down on one of the baseball dug-out benches. When I was done "basking in the shade," I couldn't get was hysterical! I had to use my legs as leverage to move my arms in a position to not put pressure on them so I could "elbow up."

Hopefully, no one saw that pathetic event!


Flea said...

Oooooh. Yeah, didn't think about the age and condition factor. I loved the hammock we had in Florida. Mostly because it was a retreat for Chris when he was stressed. He lay out there, on hte phone, having stressful conversations, staring up at the stars. Wonderful.

Or the kids would use it to play pinata.It wasn't net, but solid cotton, so you couldn't see whomever was in it if they grabbed the sides. They'd curl up in it while another kid grabbed the plastic bat, playing pinata. Kids are so weird. I kept telling them that candy would never fall out of that thing.