Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Survivors' Day!

I just returned from a survivors’ day celebration in Scottsbluff, Nebraska with over 600 survivors and caregivers that met for a day of fun and relaxation.

The theme was “Baskets Full of Care” and they certainly didn’t lack baskets!

More amazing than the event, was the journey to get there. I flew into Denver and then took a puddle jumper to Scottsbluff.

The pilots didn’t look more than 12 years of age, and when I can see right into the cockpit from my seat, I start to get a little antsy (panicky is a better word!). But as it turns out, we never made it off the ground—due to technical difficulties—so we were taken off the plane and waited three hours for a mechanic to check things out.

Do you think I wanted to get back on that “mosquito” with wings? I almost called the meeting planner and said, “Thanks, but no thanks; I’m going back home!” But then I remembered our motto from the National Speakers Association, “A true professional speaks even when then don’t feel like it!” I then imagined all the cancer survivors and caregivers who looked forward to this event and put my emotions in their place and boarded the plane again!

Good news; we took off and landed safely.

I’m always amazed—shocked really—at the beauty of America. The last time I was in Nebraska was 20 years ago when we made the trek by car on our move to Pennsylvania. But somehow I missed one of the most spectacular sites: “The Monument.” God’s beauty is everywhere and sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

Thank you Regional West Medical Center for an amazing day and welcoming me into your great city.

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