Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Wedding

Weddings always make me cry…I don’t know “why,” but they just do! Even if it’s the happiest moment in the couple’s life, I still cry.

My brother asked me why I was crying on Saturday evening and the only answer I could come up with was, “I don’t know!” I’m not sure what evokes such emotion, but I’ve been doing it since I’ve been attending weddings and I don’t intend to stop—just in case someone wants to hire me as a professional "crier" at their wedding. My fees are cheap. I provide the tears; you provide the food.

I arrived home this morning on the red eye last night (I know that doesn’t make sense), but that’s how it is. You wake up and then you’re at your destination, but I feel horrible as if I woke up on the wrong side of the "seat."

Then I leave tomorrow (very early) for New Jersey to speak at Merck Pharmaceuticals and then off to a retreat this weekend in Maryland. I love what I do (that goes without saying), but my life is whirling around me faster than I can catch up.

The memories of the wedding are only a part of the journey to California; the best part of the trip I will blog on later. But I wanted you to know that I’m home and the honeymooners are in Hawaii!

Today as I looked at their wedding pictures, I cried again…weddings just do that to me!


Anonymous said...


You say you cried, question, I sure hope you enjoyed yourself, at least a little bit?

I am happy you are home, all be it, for only a short time, safe travels for the rest of the week!

I trust Mark was able to survive on his own, especially without his cook around.

Have a safe week, I must get back to doing our Christmas cards,I am late getting them done this year.

May God's Angels Surround You,


Greg C said...

I cry when I hear how much people spend on weddings. Other than that I just smile and enjoy the moment. Some day I will tell the story of the worst wedding ever and the reception from you know where that followed. If I weren't right in the middle of things it actually would have been kind of humerous. My first words when we got the car were "I need a drink" my wife who doesn't drink said "me too"

Connie Pombo said...

Thanks, Terry for you blessings for traveling safety.
Today on the Turnpike coming home from NJ, there was a trucker who slammed on his brakes before rear-ending me. I've become a rear-view mirror driver (smile!). I was thankful for the shoulder at the side of the road that provided a safe refuge (I'm not going to think about "what if"). I'm home safely tonight.

Why I cry at weddings, I'm still not sure. The word "sentimental" comes to mind!

Connie Pombo said...

LOL!!! Now I'm interested in the wedding that you're not sharing the details about?!?! :)

I think of a wedding as one day of special memories, but a lifetime of commitment. Unfortunately, a "wedding" doesn't make a marriage.

Oh, if our young people could only understand that concept maybe we would have fewer divorces!