Monday, October 27, 2008

The Month of Pink

The month of pink is coming to an end and with it a treasure trove of memories, including survivors with courageous and touching stories that warmed my heart and made me realize just how fortunate I am to be able, not only to share my story, but to hear the amazing stories of others.

On Sunday, I was at the Piney Branch Golf Club for the "Hope and Healing" luncheon to benefit the Carroll Hospital Breast Cancer Center.

It was an amazing day filled with a scrumptious lunch, silent auction and door prizes. The Carroll Community goes all out for this event and they spared no expense in making each survivor and their caregivers feel loved and appreciated. I was especially touched by one survivor’s story of how her husband found the lump in her breast (details to follow!). Tears welled up in my eyes as I saw the love between the two of them and how both of them are making a difference as they share their story of compassion and hope! They are just one of the couples that I met that afternoon that made an impact.

Yes, I am tired. It’s been a month of travel (I’ve logged on over 2,400 miles), not including sky miles, and I still have one event to attend.

On Sunday, I will be the honoree of the Celebration of Life Award on behalf of the Eileen Stein Jacoby Foundation for Breast Cancer Research at Fox Chase Cancer Center. The Eileen Stein Jacoby Fund supports the laboratory of Molecular Biologist/Geneticist Andrew K. Godwin, PhD. Dr. Godwin and his team of researchers study the hereditary and non-hereditary factors that influence one's risk of developing breast cancer and response to therapy. It’s a great honor and a wonderful way to end the month of “pink.”

On Sunday on my way home from the Piney Branch Golf Club, I took the back roads to catch some of the spectacular fall scenery.

God’s creation is simply amazing!



Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What a month Connie! So glad you can be an encouragement to others!

Beautiful pictures too! I love FALL!

Connie Pombo said...

Is it windy your way? What a difference a day can make. Sunday was absolutely gorgeous and the autumn leaves begged for more pictures--sparkling back at me.

But today, my mum got uprooted and is somewhere down the street; hopefully, with our garbage can lid?

I thought I had to go to the post office, but I'm staying inside! Yikes. And tomorrow it calls for snow showers (give me a break!).



Lonely said...


Very touching, and thanks as well for the beautiful pictures.

You should be here in the Pocono's, we have had 8 to 12 inches of snow, interstate 80 west of Stroudsburg was shut down for a spell this morning.

I am glad you will finally get to take it easy, I bet Mark is happy about that!

May God's Angels Surround You


Connie Pombo said...


It was one of those days where I couldn't help but to get out and take pictures. God's beauty was shouting at me through the October sky and fall colors. Magnificent!

I got lost, but it was a good thing, otherwise, I wouldn't have found more beauty!


Tracy Ruckman said...

Ahhhh - more breathtaking photos! Thanks so much for sharing them. I love that red-roofed church!

We skipped right over fall down here, and went into winter! Freezing temps for lows all week - breaking all kinds of records. It's crazy!

Connie Pombo said...

You should have seen me with my camera...stopping in the middle of the road, trespassing, wading through mud, and basically acting like a crazy person to get the perfect shot.

We're having crazy weather too; it's in the 60's one day and 32 the next?


Flea said...

Isn't it wonderful to take time to enjoy the fall, even in the middle of a hectic month? I take pictures while I'm driving (shh! Don't tell Chris!).

Connie Pombo said...

That's not a secret...I do that all the time (except in tunnels!). Sometimes I just point my camera and click. Hint: The windows need to be clean first (so I always carry extra window cleaner on board). One time I got a beautiful rainbow and couldn't figure out what the "purple" spot in the middle was (bird poop!).

Happy clicking (I won't tell Chris; it's our "secret"). Tee-Hee!