Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Power of Pink!

It was great to be part of the “Power of Pink” on Tuesday in conjunction with Boscov’s and Holy Redeemer Hospital and the Bott Cancer Center near Philly last evening. There was a dinner, fashion show, and “yes” door prizes galore. I noticed one thing: When you bring women together with food, fashion, and a chance to win something, you’ve got a party! I never heard so much laughter, shouts of pure hilarity and, of course, oohs and ahhs when the evening gowns were being “sported” down the red carpet by one of the hospital’s own oncologists (a first in my book!). He wore a tuxedo and acted as if he had done it his entire life (I wonder if it was part of his residency program?).

I gave my “Touched by a Coffee-Loving Angel” story from Chicken Soup for the Coffee Lover’s Soul, and afterwards many cancer survivors sought me out to sign their copy of the book which was part of their gift bags for the event. I was inspired, encouraged, and thrilled to meet each woman and encourage them in the “power of pink.” We have come so far in the treatment of breast cancer, but also in our methods of detection.

A big thanks to Heidi Volpe, Breast Cancer Coordinator at Holy Redeemer and her great staff of volunteers who managed to make the evening a spectacular event—one that will be remembered in the hearts of women for many months.

Several women came up to me and promised to make an appointment for their first mammogram! In my book, that’s a success and a tribute to the “power of pink.”

I’ll be sharing more about “pink” as I travel to Maryland this weekend for another event of “Hope and Healing” at the Piney Branch Golf Course for the Carroll Hospital Center.

Until I blog again...


Lonely said...


God Bless you Connie, I am sure Carole is praying for you from her "Eternal Home," I know I sure am praying for you and your ministry!

May God's Protective Hand Be Upon You,


Greg C said...

Way to go Connie. My wife says if men had breasts they would have already come up with a cure for Breast cancer. She gets mad when they spend so much time worrying about ED.

Connie Pombo said...

Thanks, Greg! I felt your prayers when I almost fell asleep at the wheel coming home from Findlay, Ohio. I'm thankful for the rumble strips that woke me up! I took that as a sign that I should stop, get a hotel, and start the next morning, and I did.

Keep praying...I have three more speaking engagements yet this month.

I feel Carole's presence every time I speak; I imagine her in the audience smiling back at me!

Blessings to you, Terry!

Connie Pombo said...

Leave it to you, Greg, to make me laugh! But I think your wife might be right on that one.

Now if I could only find the breast cancer awareness stamps I just bought; they're here somewhere in this office of mine.

My next post is going to be everything I lost this month, including my glasses!