Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Month of Pink Turns Orange!

Our neighbors, Dave and Kim, came knocking at our door this evening with a surprise! The month of pink turned “orange”! Can you believe it? This is a gift I have never received before—a pumpkin with a “pink” ribbon!

Isn’t it awesome?

Breast cancer is definitely not a “treat,” but this pumpkin certainly put a SMILE on my face.

The other evening, Kim and Dave brought over a pink ribbon organizer (something I definitely need), and a Christmas ornament with a pink ribbon in the glass globe. There seems to be no end to the month of "PINK"!

Thank you, Kim and Dave, for your gift of pumpkin carving!



Lonely said...


That pumpkin is so neat, and the Christmas ball with the pink ribbon in it, I wish I knew where to get one. You know why I would like to get one of those!

Good neighbors are so hard to come by anymore, I have several as well, if they do not see me around for several days, and I have not told them I am going away, they will be calling on the phone, or coming over and knocking on my doors. Since Carole has gone to "Glory," they are concerned about me, and I really do appreciate it!

My good deed in return, when I go to Florida, I usually bring back fresh grapefruit and oranges for them, which I will be doing if I go to Florida for Christmas this year, to spend with my Son Scott.

Enough for now, have a great weekend!

May God Bless You and Mark,


Greg C said...

That is an awesome pumpkin. As I said in another blog today, you can make today positive or negative. It is your choice.

So what part of Florida are you visiting? My sister has orange trees. :)

Connie Pombo said...

Oh, how I miss all that fruit in Florida (although when we lived in Bradenton the prices were always higher on the local fruit!). There's nothing like fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice.

Yes, we are fortunate; our neighbors are the BEST!

Connie Pombo said...

Hey Greg,

Yes, we have the best neighbors in the country; we really do!

So where are your sister's orange trees (smile!)?

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

How sweet Connie:) That was really thoughtful of your neighbors!

Joel and I carved a "spooky tree" pumpkin. I'll have to send you a picture of it all lit up. (smile)

Miss you girl :) Our time at the Jigger Shop was too short. We'll have to set up a date sometime to meet for lunch or take a walk, what do you think?

Connie Pombo said...

Definitely time for lunch! Give me a date and a time and I'll be there!