Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now Wear This!

In less than three months, I will be in San Diego for my brother’s wedding, and I don’t have a thing to wear.


Any excuse to go shopping at “Now Wear This” is okay with me!

I just watched” 27 Dresses” on DVD, and prayed that I wouldn’t need to try that many on. So just in case, I gave myself a budget, a time limit, and the exact number of dresses that were allowed in the dressing room with me!

My first and only stop: “Now Wear This” (my favorite consignment store). In less than 20 minutes I was done (shoes and two dresses).

This is my secret: I select a total of six items to try on (in my favorite colors: black, pink and green). It sounds horrible, but it works for me. Then I pick out the shoes that go with all of the above.

I put everything on hangers in the order that I will try them on and make my two choices. The timer starts the moment I enter the dressing room.

Why all the fuss you ask?

I have a hard time making decisions…especially when it comes to clothes. If I don’t set “boundaries” then I will allow myself to wander aimlessly in the aisles for hours, choosing things that I don’t need or want.

But what I didn’t expect were the newly renovated dressing rooms. Above the floor-length mirror was a sign that read: “Dress the body you’ve got, not the one you wish you had!”

Great advice.

“Now Wear This" makes it so easy: They have exactly six hooks in the dressing room which are neatly labeled:


My decision was simple: I had one “Gotta Have It” and one “Now Wear This!” I walked out in record time (20 minuutes) with two dresses that I can wear forever—one in black with lime green accents (love it!), and the other is a little black dress with hot pink accents. And both go with the black strappy sandals.

Total cost: zero dollars.


Since it’s a consignment shop, I have a “revolving account,” which means I bring things in (Shop ‘n Drop) and pay with the money in my account.

Now you know my secret to “Now Wear This!”



Tracy Ruckman said...

I hate clothes shopping, but if I had a store nearby like the one you describe, I might find it FUN!!

What a great story. But now you've got to take pictures of yourself in all those pretty duds so we can see!

The ONLY time I liked clothes shopping was when I actually worked in a Dress Barn for about a year. The girls knew I hated to shop for myself, so they always made sure I tried on all the new stuff! Since it was considered work to walk around the store showing off the new arrivals, I got paid for changing clothes umpteen times.

Now I just live in shorts and jammies!

Greg C said...

Could you please teach my wife to shop like that? I hate trying on clothes so I just grab something in my size and tell her, ok lets go. She usually insists that I try the clothes on but to tell the truth once I pick them off the rack I usually buy them. I really like the part about Free.

We have a wedding to go to in January so we are both on a serious diet now. We both have cloths but just can't fit in them. :(

Connie Pombo said...

Yes, I will take pictures (after my hair appointment!). I've been letting my hair grow out this summer. Ugh! If I can make it one more month, I just might SURVIVE!

In PA, there is no tax on clothes and shoes, and consignment stores galore! It's a shopper's paradise.

I'm always amazed--shocked really--that I have something in my account everytime I go to "NWT" (it works out nicely!).

I'm with you...the rest of my wardrobe consists of gym clothes and jammies. Oh, and my speaking wardrobe, which despearately needs an update!


Connie Pombo said...


"Now Wear This" used to carry men's clothing, but they stopped several years ago. The problem: Men keep their clothes forever; they just don't let go. As women, we find all kinds of excuses to let go (smile!).

I cleaned out my closet this summer (hence the big dollar amount in my account). There are some clothes I will never wear that I "outgrew"--literally! Rather than get frustrated, I decided to "recycle" them!

It worked out nicely!

Flea said...

Awesome sauce! I love the hooks! I hate clothes shopping for a different reason. Deciding isn't difficult. The act of spending money is difficult. Ugh. :0

Connie Pombo said...

When we move to California, I will have to rent a U-Haul and bring the store with me; I can't imagine life without--"Now Wear This." The consignment stores in California are sooooooo expensive. I went shopping with my sis for a day in Danville, CA and spent REAL MONEY! What's that all about?!?

I have "two" things in my closet: "speaking" clothes(dressing for the platform) and "writing at home" clothes. That's it...very simple! So when go DRESS SHOPPING...FUN, FUN, FUN!