Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boxes, Boxes, and more Boxes!

My friend came over this morning to borrow a book from my “lending” library (I don’t know why they call it that because somehow they never make it back where they came from). I really think it should be called the “forgotten” library!

“Mary” (not her real name) looked around my office and said, “I thought you weren’t moving until next year.”

I calmly replied,“I’m not moving; I’m cleaning out folders from my filing cabinet and putting them in storage boxes.”

“Who in their right mind has that many folders?” she asked.

Can you see my face turning red?

First of all I want to explain something: Yes, I do have “that” many folders because I’m afraid if I throw something away, I’ll need it the next day. So I have a large storage space in the basement for “said” folders.

The problem: I can’t move them (shoulder injury) and Mark can’t carry them (broken hip). So here they lay in “neat” little piles all over my office.

Last night, I had a great thought (it happens occasionally). I ran (hobbled) into the office to write it down before I forgot it, and tripped over not one, but TWO boxes. I kicked the third!

This afternoon the boxes are taking a hike…I don’t care where they land, they’re just going. Jon comes home tomorrow from house sitting (only because “it” has a pool). And when he gets all dried off, I’m grabbing him to do some box work.

Yesterday, the neighbors put in a new deck and fence (actually, it’s been ongoing for three weeks). Pound, pound, pound...saw, saw, saw…buzz, buzz, buzz! This morning I looked out the window and guess what? More boxes. They left all the boxes from the new fence in “our” yard.

I’m running away from home today, not because I want to BUT because I have to. I have deadlines and I’m tired of staying up until 2:00 AM to get them done!

When the boxes find a new home, I’ll come back and live happily ever after. Maybe!


Greg C said...

Sounds like "The Giant Box Invasion" movie. I don't blame you, run and never look back. The other night we were looking for some paperwork and we took out several boxes to find it. I had to dig throug all the papers to find the one paper I wanted. I really do need to do some cleaning out as well. The next morning, the boxes were right where I left them but I forgot they were there and I too tripped over them.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

LOL! I know the feeling of not wanting to throw something out, especially as a writer. (I know as a writer you understand!) I keep a hard copy or two of everything... yikes - it's taken over my pantry closet - lol!

It looks like you all are keeping quite busy. Sports, physical therapy (way to go Mark - keep up the good work), and your boys in that post below with their girlfriends. How nice! Yes, one day soon, first love, then marriage, and then Grandma Connie will be able to push her sons' baby carriage :)

Been keeping busy here with VBS this week! It's going great!

Connie Pombo said...

LOL!! :)))))))))))))))

I'm happy to report the boxes are now downstairs in the basement, but I've already run downstairs twice to find a folder that I didn't think I would need for a LONG time. I figured out that will be my new form of exercise...running from the third floor to the basement to retrieve folders (smile!).

At least no more stubbed toes for a while. Glad to know I'm not alone in the "box."

Connie Pombo said...

I got in this habit of scanning into the computer documents that are extremely IMPORTANT. It took so much time, so I stopped doing it!

For now, I will do it the old-fashioned way...boxes, boxes, boxes!

VBS...I have such fond memories of those days.

How about those girlfriends? Do you think one of them might make it to the altar?

One of our missionary friends e-mailed me yesterday. Julie and Caroline grew up with Jer in Sicily. They are both married and yesterday Julie gave birth to a baby girl. Ahh...


Flea said...

Ugh. I'm the pack rat in the family and have passed the gene to my daughter, poor thing. Our last move was a purging one for me and very good. But the books! What does one do with the books?!