Thursday, July 03, 2008

Guacamole and Fireworks!

“Mommy, what’s a ‘guacamole’?”

“It’s a type of dip for tortilla chips,” the mommy replied.

“Shhh…. You need to be quiet...we’re in a movie theater.”

“Why?” asked the tiny voice.

“Those are the rules—that’s why!”

“Why?” asked the preschooler for the second time.

“Because I am the mommy…that’s why!”

How many times did I say those same words while my boys were growing up?

I tried to stifle a giggle and then burst out laughing…until the ad for “silence your cell phones” flashed across the screen.

Yesterday, I took in a summer movie; I’ll let you guess which one? It was one of the free family films offered by theaters in our area, I tend to go where the kids go…. so I happened to be in the same theater with mommies and kiddos. I fit right in.

I was supposed to be writing a speech, but I took a break to take in life. So many of my examples come in places like Wal-Mart, theaters, and grocery stores (the best kind!), so I diligently “took notes.” The movie was hysterical, but the little voices of laughter, the tired mommies squelching inquisitive minds, and the giggles of preschoolers made me “stand up” and pay attention.

When did life become so serious? Did you realize that preschoolers laugh an average of 450 times a day, yet adults laugh just 15 times a day?

No wonder we’re dying of heart attacks…we need to loosen up! And that’s exactly why I frequently take in funny movies on Wednesday afternoons…to be with the little ones and experience their natural zest for the lighter side of life.

After the movie, I bought some guacamole dip and tortilla chips for our Fourth of July picnic. Yummy!

Happy Fourth everyone!


Greg C said...

Happyp 4th to you too Connie. I know what you are talking about. Everyone is just too serious. Why worry I always say. Everything will work itself out. I love to laugh and prefer watching funny shows instead of serious ones.

Connie Pombo said...

Greg, you will live a LONG's a proven fact! I know, I'm doing my research on that right now. I speak to oncology groups and one of the topics I give is "What's Humor Got to do with It?" As it turns out...a lot!

Keep laughing and have a great Fourth!