Monday, June 01, 2009

Love Bug

After being in Paris for ten days, I noticed outward displays of affection at every turn: at street side cafes, on the metro, in the park, and in museums. It’s as if springtime in Paris brought out the love bug in everyone. So when I returned on Friday, I made a date with my hubby to take me to my favorite place -- the Hershey Hotel. We dined al fresco on the terrace, sharing a Margarita pizza and Cobb salad. And then it started…one limo, then two, then three…

The once quiet space was filled to capacity with men in tuxes and women in evening gowns; it looked like a night at the Oscars. To escape the clatter, we took a walk in the gardens and that’s when we spotted a timid bride posing for the camera with her groom. The photographer finally decided to let the nuptials dance together to help them appear more natural. And then it happened…

The groom stepped on the bride’s gown and there was a loud ripping sound. Mark and I were stunned at what happened next. The bride shoved the cascading bouquet of white roses into the groom’s face and yelled, “Look what you’ve done; you’ve ruined everything!” The verbal bantering went on for several minutes while the groom tried to make amends, but the bride kept her distance (literally!). Finally, the groom picked up the rest of her gown and gingerly walked behind her -- making sure to keep a comfortable distance between them.

My hubby whispered in my ear, “I wonder what’s going to happen when something really tragic happens?”

It was an unfortunate incident -- an accident -- and yet it changed everything. The once timid bride became enraged and left the photographer and onlookers terrified at what might happen next. Not a great start for the young couple.

I couldn’t help but wonder how they will look back on the incident years from now. Hopefully, they can find the missing ingredient essential to every marriage—a little bit of humor!

And just maybe they will honeymoon in Paris and catch a little bit of the love “bug.”


Susan Skitt said...

Wow, off to a rocky start, that poor couple.

Interesting, I was listening briefly to Christian radio today (which I rarely do) and an author/counselor something or other Eggrich's (I don't know if I'm spelling that right) but he had it nailed. He tied it in to the super high divorce rate, especially amoung Christians and how he (in so many words) wants to help save marriages with this:

Women need to know they are loved and men respected... Wow, sounds simple but it is the foundation of our "pink" vs. their "blue" communication skills. He gave some really practical examples and I'm going to look into it more. I do believe I've heard of him before but it is so timely with your post. Sometimes, no most times, I need to be "cluncked" over the head before something starts sinking in... (sigh)

And you are so right about humor, often when things start to boil, just a bit of humor in the right way can go a long way like when my hubby gets upset that the glasstop cooktop is not cleaned perfectly (I'm a swiper, he's a scrubber), I try saying, "Oh hon, (smiling of course), you are the BEST at that, what would I do without you?" His frustration seems to disolve somehow, or at the very least it is lessened :)

Can't wait to hear more about your trip to Paris too :)

Much love,

Connie Pombo said...

My son and I had a long discussion this weekend on the move to Cleveland and I told him about the Hershey bride! His thoughts were interesting! :)

How I want to go back to was soooooooo amazing!