Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Baby Shower!

It’s been a while since I have attended a baby shower, but on Sunday, June 7th, I spoke at St. Philip’s Church in Lancaster where the women of the church gathered together to celebrate the sanctity of life by honoring “A Woman’s Concern”—an agency that supports a mother’s decision to choose life. They are on the front lines saving babies and allowing mothers the privacy and counseling they need to make the most important decision they will ever make—to guard the life of their baby.

St. Philips Church opened up their doors to hold a baby shower luncheon with all the proceeds going to support “A Woman’s Concern.” I was amazed—shocked really—at the outpouring of gifts which included baby formula, clothes, blankets, diapers, and gift cards. The non-profit agency also accepts gently used clothing, strollers, baby carriers, and car seats.

As I sat in my chair surrounded by pinks, blues, yellow and green and enjoying a tastefully prepared lunch, I couldn’t help but think of the many mothers struggling with making a decision that would affect the rest of their life. And to know there is a place locally where she can receive help, counseling, and everything she would need to make the journey possible to bring a new life into the world.

I spoke on the “Seven Friends Every Woman Needs, “ but later I realized we can all be that friend to a young mother making a vital decision through our donations, our time, and volunteering. Just think if more churches became involved and held a baby shower each year for at risk moms?

It was a lovely afternoon with door prizes, great food, and wonderful pastries; I thought I was back in Paris!

I came to the event not knowing anyone, but left with the realization that if we all do a small part, it will make a huge difference.

I look forward to more baby showers in my future!

Living Life Passionately,


Flea said...

I love this! I just sent this link to the leader of the women's ministry of our large church. :)

Connie Pombo said...

Isn't this cool?!? Thanks for passing it on to your church. Just imagine if all churches did the same thing!