Sunday, February 24, 2008


Yesterday, I had a discussion with a friend who asked me what "blogging" was all about and I explained to her that it was like writing your thoughts in diary-form for the World Wide Web to read.

She asked me, "Why would anyone want to do such a thing?"

Then I realized I've been doing this blogging thing for a while, not consistently, but long enough. And I blog on other sites as well, including Boomer Babes.

Blogging has become a powerful source in connecting with others. In fact, some of us may have more virtual friends than flesh and blood friends. The Internet is not going away and will continue to become an important part of our friendship network.

I will be hosting Allison Bottke's new book, Setting Boundaries, on April 30th and will be offering a free book at that time. If you would like to read more about this powerful new topic, check out Allison's website.
How powerful is the Internet in the book industry?
The following are some of the reasons why people buy and read books. Let me know if this rings true with you.

1. Previous familiarity with the author - 99.1%

2. Recommendation of a friend - 91.2%

3. Reading about a book on another person's blog or website - 80.3% (That explains the blog tour phenomenon!).

4. Reading about a book on the author's website - 62.6%

And I would like to add a fifth reason why people read a book--interest in the subject!
If you know anyone who has enabled their adult child (and who doesn't), then grab a copy of Allison's new book: Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children.
Bless you on your blogging journey!


Gardener Greg said...

When I first tell people I love to Blog, they usually tell me that it is a big waste of time and I should concentrate my efforts elsewhere. People that blog regularly know that it is so much more.

I love meeting new people so for me this is the perfect avenue to find and meet nice people. I have even met one fellow blogger in person and it was a great experiance. My wife was very skeptical at first but now my son blogs too and she has decided that it isn't the "work of the devil". The internet is a very useful tool and has opened up a new world for a lot of people who would otherwise be left in the dark.

It is a shame that people are using it for evil pourposes and not keeping it positive. That happens in everything in life though and we need to be watchful for our children.

I now use it for testing the waters with my writing to see which styles work best for me. I think I prefer writing short stories with a purpose. I love leading people in thinking that I am writing about something altogether different and then hit them with a message or a moral. Check out my post on Monday for an expample. Have a Blessed day.


Oh and thanks for the tip on the Chicken Soup. The story I am most interested in publishing falls right in with what they are currently looking for.

Connie Pombo said...


Thanks for your's true some of us use blogging for good and a "few" for evil. It's like everything else: those "few" spoil it for the whole bunch unfortunately. But it certainly hasn't stopped me yet!

Good for you about the Chicken Soup story (submit it!). Here's a hint: Be sure it has a catchy title, beginning, middle, end, and a wrap (going back to the beginning). Be sure it has a universal truth--usually in the "wrap" at the end of the story. I followed the chicken soup formula and my "coffee story" was published. If it makes you laugh and's a keeper. Keep the dialogue going, and read a few books to get an idea of the tone and feel of what they're looking for.

I like your idea of blogging...hit them with the "truth" at the end!

Blessings to you on a long and blessed blogging journey!

Gardener Greg said...

Thanks for your help. I used what you wrote as I reviewed my story. I got a reply right away saying that I had missed the deadline for the "Father and son" book they were making but they suggested that I send it into the general Chicken Soup site because it had several themes. Thanks for your help. Wish me luck. Time to start on another one.

Connie Pombo said...

Good for you, Greg! They always have somthing cookin' at Chicken Soup. You can even suggest titles, if there is one not listed. Who just might make Chicken Soup history!

Blessings to on your writing journey!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Girl, you've been on a blogging marathon! Woo hoo! This blogging thing is an epidemic of sorts... I definately love it!