Friday, July 21, 2006

Savoring Joy!

These are my "wildflowers" that greet me each morning! How can I find such joy in a $1.00 packet of seeds that continually paint the landscape of my backyard with a myraid of colors?

For the last ten years I have practiced the "art" of savoring the present moment--countless positive experiences: awe at a brilliant sunset, luxuriating in a Jacuzzi, smelling the earth after a summer's rain, basking in the laughter of children playing, and watching my "garden" grow! How is it possible? I have to admit--extroverts, optimists and "Sanguine" types--like myself--have a much easier time than others (it comes naturally to us). But we can all learn to enhance our ability to enjoy our everyday lives more fully and to "live" in the present moment. But unfortunately most of us are just too busy to notice; the "white" noise of life distracts us from living passionately.

Next time you pass by a field of wildflowers: stop and take a mental photograph. Consciously make note of the features you want to remember later! I have several "mental" photographs I pull out often (even before I was interested in photography). Although it's nice to have a "tangible" picture; it's not necessary. One such mental photograph is of Dardinel's Lake in the Sierra's (backpacking in California--the year 1974). We made cheesecake in the glacial snow and watched the chipmunks eat it (not our idea, but theirs!). The glacier was mirrored in the lake and created an upside portrait--forever etched in my memory. I will never lose that photograph. I savor the joy of it often!

Living Life Passionately,


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