Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Third Time is the Charm!

Today and yesterday, I’ve been collecting books in the mail, and I have yet to read a single page.

The Ultimate Mom by Chicken Soup arrived first with its glossy color photos (of course, I couldn't help but look at the pictures first!). Since I had three stories in that volume, I received three books (not a bad deal).

My hubby took one to work because one is titled, “La Famiglia Pombo,” and one goes to my mom, and the other one went to the editor of the Lancaster News who will be doing a write up for an upcoming book signing.

If you live near Lancaster, feel free to join us for a combined author signing with the other Cup of Comfort Authors: Carolyn Ruch of Hatfield, PA; Susan Kelly Skitt of Chalfont, PA; and Carol Cool from Ephrata, PA. The date is Saturday, May 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Just in time for Mother’s Day and for those last minute shoppers. A signed author copy always makes a nice gift!

I will be missing in action for the next two weeks due to a delightful and unexpected trip overseas. But I shall return on March 31—just in time for April Fool’s Day (no kidding!).

And then for sure, I will be offering three book giveaways: A Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Daughters; A Cup of Comfort Women of the Bible, and The Ultimate Mom by Chicken Soup.

If you leave a comment telling me why you desperately need these books, my hubby will read the comments and pick a winner.

Until next month…


Susan Skitt said...

Okay, I'm not entering for the Women of the Bible one, I got my copy in the mail on Wednesday!

I've posted a short blib on my blog, (hey blib on my blog, that sounds catchy), about your book giveaway.

Have a great trip Connie girl. I can't wait to do the book signing with you on May 9th. It will be like old times! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Susan Kelly Skitt

P.S. Hi Mark, I know you will be reading these comments for your dear wife. Looking forward to visiting with you also! What color ballons shall we do for the table this time. With all of Connie's books, we need the colors of the rainbow - LOL!

dot said...

I came by way of Susan's blog. Since my children are grown I wouldn't think the Chicken Soup book would be for me.

The other two books sound like they would be great for anyone so I would love to win either of those. I could pass it on to my daughter too. Thanks for the give-a-way! I'm sure that whoever wins will benefit.
Pick me MARK!!!

dot said...

I hope you don't mind that I'm going to post this on my blog and link to you.

NellJean said...

The ladies at my church pass around their books. When we finish reading one, we write our name on the flyleaf and pass it to someone else.

I'd like to win a book to quickly read and pass along.

I came here by way of dot's blog. Thank you.

Smelling Coffee said...

Am I too late for the give away??? Anyway, congratulations to all of you on being published! God bless you!