Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Rare Event!

We all converged on J.B. Dawson’s for dinner (Jon’s birthday, my birthday, Jer’s graduation from his Master’s program, and Jon going back for his senior year at Grove City College).

It’s a rare event in our family when everyone is together: Jon had a full-time job this summer; Mark was recuperating from his broken hip; Connie played nurse; Jeremy took three classes to finish up his Masters, and we FINALLY took time to celebrate the culmination of a LONG, but short summer.

Notice, there is no cake sitting on the table…it was GONE before I was able to get out my camera (they told me it was yummy!). I’ll just take their word for it.

Jon’s gift to me was in the form of a thank you for all the lunches I packed during the week (I won’t be doing that for a while).


Jer gave me a funny card (umm…no more sentimental ones; I’m 53!).
And Mark paid for the meal which I must say was excellent (I had a” gift certificate” to eat at Dawson’s).

We don’t eat together as a family that often, but when we do it is a rare event—reserved for birthdays, anniversaries, and going back to school. Jon is all packed up ready to go back to Grove City and for his birthday, we bought him a suit for all his interviews starting in the fall (can’t hurt, might help!). At first when he came out of the men’s dressing room, he looked a bit like Tom Hank’s in the movie, “Big.” The sleeves were EXTRA LONG and made him look like a gorilla. Three hours later we found one that was PERFECT (and they say women have a hard time making up their minds!).

Today the house is quiet.

Jon is vacationing with Kim’s family at Ocean City, Maryland. He has all his college stuff packed and ready to go when he arrives home next week.

Mark will probably go back to work at the end of September, and life will return to “normal”…a rare event!


Flea said...

Ocean City is one of my favorite places to be. :) Tell your boy to have some boardwalk fries for me! Extra malt vinegar!

Glad to see you all together and looking so happy. :)

Connie Pombo said...

Mark is a mountain man, so I rarely see the beach (unless I drive myself). I just might have to treat myself to a day at the Boardwalk when Mark goes back to work!

I've had the vinegar fries, but extra malt?!?! Maybe I should leave today! SMILE!


Greg C said...

I prefer the humerous cards over the serious ones. At our age, it is better not to be reminded. :) Sounds like it was a great dinner. I am afraid that the days of getting the entire family together are over for us.

Connie Pombo said...


I agree...the funny ones are better! I've saved all their cards since they were wee ones...old enough to write (absolutely precious!). And I'm holding on to them (Jon made them from computer paper and Jer saved up his allowance money to buy Hallmark cards). Ahh...

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What a nice dinner together! Happy Birthday girl! We're both August girls. I just knew we had more in common. I'm glad too for the nice little get-away lunch we had with our families the other day. Looking forward to your post. You always make them fun! I'll have some pics from Mt. Gretna Lake soon. Wait until you see what I did. I'm still sore...

Connie Pombo said...

Happy Birthday to you too! It was great to see you at Mt. Gretna...I need to post my pics!