Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Writing Place

Someone asked me yesterday why I write and I responded, “Because I have to.”

I’ve written in diaries and journals since I was old enough to hold a pencil in my hand, but only recently did it become my passion.

“So where do you write?” they asked. That question is one that I receive almost daily, and it amazes me to realize that everything that I have had published thus far has been penned at one place—without exception!

Where you might ask?

The Hotel Hershey!

Everyone knows me by name there: the doorman, the concierge, the housekeepers, groundskeepers, the desk attendants, and yes—even the manager of the hotel. When they see me wander the grounds or inside the hotel lobby they ask, “So what are you writing today, Ms. Pombo?” I smile back and assure them that something will be written—even though I’m not at times!

I suppose every writer has their “writing place,” but I didn’t realize
"mine" until yesterday when I pored through papers to file away. Every one of my first drafts was penned at the same place—“The Hotel Hershey."

It’s not hard to imagine why: there are fountains, gardens, gazebos, acres of forests, and lobbies filled with plants and gorgeous tropical flowers.

Today I will drive up there to practice a speech while I walk in the woods and later this afternoon, I will pen the first draft of a magazine article. I’m sure psychologists will call “my writing place,” some type of trained response, but I call it inspiration!

I’m not sure what will happen when we move to California, but one thing is for sure…I’ll find my “writing place” because I have to.

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Flea said...

I'll bet you write under a big Sequoya when you move. :) Love the photography.

I do everything from the corner of my couch. Unless I'm out and about. Then I whip out a notebook and scribble. :)

Greg C said...

I don't know what area you will be moving to but if it is north of San Fran, you need to find Stinson Beach. I believe that was the name. It may have been with a m instead of an n. Anyway the road to that beach was inspirational and you may find a nice place along there. The forest was so dense that there were only small rays of sunlight making it to the ground and it was always raining/

Connie Pombo said...

Yep, you're absolutely right...Stinson Beach (it's a favorite of mine). There's also Point Reyes lighthouse (gorgeous!). Mark's family lives 20 minutes away from Half Moon Bay, but even in the summer the fog rolls in (of course it does that in SF!).

Okay, I'm off to write (really I am!).

Connie Pombo said...

I think you're right, Flea. Trees give me inspiration too.

Speaking of which, I'm off for the rest of the day and then packing for West Virginia.