Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day Out!

My "patient" was getting restless, so I took him for a day outing on Tuesday to one of our favorite places—Nissley Vineyards (just four miles from our home!). The drive is gorgeous and one that Mark traveled often on his bike when he trained for triathlons. The drive on the winding backroads reminds me of our old stomping grounds—Napa Valley, California. I’m always amazed—shocked really—at all the beauty we have right in our own backyard.

It takes planning, but Mark is able to ambulate to the car with his walker and once I get him in the front seat, it’s all “downhill” after that.

Mark took me to Nissley Vineyards for my 50th birthday (a few years ago!); he blindfolded me so I wouldn’t know where we were going. There was a 50’s band playing that night and everyone brought picnic “dinners” and enjoyed music, dancing, and amazing food until the stars and moon mingled into midnight. Some folks came as far as New York, Virginia and New Jersey for the weekend. And believe me when I say “picnic”—I’m talking candelabras with linen tablecloths. It’s definitely not your “grandmother’s” picnic!

On Tuesday, our lunch consisted of cheese, crackers and grape juice. I called it our “communion” picnic (that got a laugh out of Mark!).

We sat under the huge oak tree on the “hard” benches (Mark reminded me just how hard they were), but I distracted him with the gorgeous view that surrounded us: the stone-arched buildings, the farmhouse, and the rows of neatly cultivated vines waiting for harvest in the fall.

The perfect ending to the day was naptime when our cat, Bianca, finally rested on Mark’s lap for the first time since the accident. She was afraid to come near him (I guess that’s why therapy dogs are used in the hospital!).

Bianca’s purring put my patient right to sleep and no doubt he was dreaming about his first day out!

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Greg C said...

There sure is something relaxing about a vineyard. Our local vineyard looks lovely now as well and I just love walking out amoung the vines. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I bet the weather up there is really nice too. I do have a question though. Was that "grape juice" fresh or fermented? :) I am glad you had such a great day out.

Connie Pombo said...

LOL:))))))))))))))))) As I recall, it was "sparkling" grape juice!

Yep, the weather is perfect here--68 degrees and no humidity!

Keep walkin'in those vines!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What a lovely trip! And that "picnic" for your 50th sounded divine. And your "communion picnic" the other day? LOL! Only you Connie girl! Love it! It sounds like this was a much needed trip for both of you. I'm glad you had a nice day together :)

Connie Pombo said...

You've got to come visit my neck of the much to do within a five-mile radius!


Flea said...

The cat looks so rested, and Mark looks content. I hope the outing helped him to sleep soundly.

Connie Pombo said...

Sweet bliss!

Bianca is our "baby girl" and she knows something is terriby wrong with her "daddy."

Strange how they figure all that out!