Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Clean Teeth?

Did you ever use someone else’s toothbrush?

I did.

We just got home from the Weekend of Hope in Stowe, Vermont (more on that later), and I was just too tired to unpack. I parked my overnight bag on the floor in the bathroom with all my “essentials.”

Before we left for Vermont, we had a major leak in the basement and we had to call the plumber (can’t wait to get that bill!). My first thought at the time was, Oh no, I need to clean the bathroom before we leave.

It’s a woman thing: we need to clean the bathroom before the plumber comes even though the basement and bathroom are separated by three floors.

There’s no logic there, but it was important to me. My hubby still can’t understand what the basement has to do with the bathroom, but I told him I’d explain it to him on the way to Vermont (it was a nine-hour drive—just enough time to convince him that it was crucial that the bathroom was clean before the plumber arrived!).

I’m passionate about cleaning bathrooms. I get down on the floor with a toothbrush in hand and get in and behind all the nooks and crannies, including around the toilet (a trick I learned from having all “men” in the family).


Ten minutes later I had a sparkling clean bathroom and I was content. I put the pink toothbrush back in the pink plastic cup, laid it on the counter, and we were off to the green mountains of Vermont.

When we returned late Monday evening, I was exhausted. I grabbed the pink toothbrush, squeezed a generous portion of Crest toothpaste in a nice straight line and brushed my teeth. While I was brushing, I looked down at my overnight bag on the floor and saw another pink toothbrush staring back at me.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Please tell me it’s not what I think?

I spit. I screamed. I gargled with Listerine.

The "toilet" toothbrush was in my mouth!

And then I remembered what one of the presenters at the Weekend of Hope shared about the “tragedies” of life: “In light of everything, what’s the worst thing that can happen?”

I started with the worst outcome first: bad breath, amebic dysentery, cholera, and death.

No problem.

I had faced all of them before and I lived to tell about it.

No big deal, right?

This is day two and I’m still alive. Except I have put the cleaning toothbrush back where it belongs (under the counter), and my pink toothbrush for my teeth (not the toilet) is back in the toothbrush holder where it belongs.

All is "right" with my world. And no one has died…yet!

I’m still passionate about a clean bathroom. Only this time, I learned to put things back where I found them and NOT to use someone else’s toothbrush—even if it’s my own!

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Greg C said...

What a hoot. Last week just before we left for Washington, my wife was changing the sheets on the beds. I asked why and she said we would be gone when she usually changes them. I said, yes and since we won't be here for that time, they should stay clean. (she changes them twice a week) She insisted on doing it though so I just gave up.

Yes I have used the wrong tooth brush. But that was a long time ago, Three days to be exact, lol. It turned out to be my son's though so it wasn't that bad.

I think the worst thing I ever did was take a big gulp out of a soda can only to find out that it was the wrong one and had been outside all night. Being in the south, I knew what was probibly in that can with the coke so I just started gagging. I didn't dare look. I have to stop, I am about to start gagging just thinking about it.

Have a Blessed day,

Colleen said...

Oh Connie! Forgive me for laughing, but this is so funny (because it didn't happen to me;) That is awful! But it sure does make for a great post! =)

Connie Pombo said...

LOL! Isn't laughter the best medicine?!

The moment when you realize what you've done is the "best," isn't it?!?! You have a choice...laugh, cry, and/or both!

The Coke thing happened to me at a fast food restaurant years ago. The table hadn't been cleared yet; I was busy talking and just took a swig! My 7-year-old son at the time said, "Mom, why are you drinking out of someone else's cup?"

YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't allow myself to go down the "germy" road (and look I'm still alive!).

Your wife changes sheets twice a week? Wow! I'm impressed!!!

So far, no side effects from the tooth brush incident, thankfully.

Thanks for stopping by and making me laugh!

Connie Pombo said...

My husband gagged when I told him what I did. Hysterical!

Tomorrow, I have my yearly physical and right now I'm filling out the paperwork. I don't know where to put the toothbrush incident: past medical history, prevention, accidents, or other?!

Hmm...I'll have to sleep on it!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

I like one of your tags below your post, "obsessive compulsive" - LOL!!!!!

You're just going to have to get a different color toothbrush for your bathroom cleaning - like fire-engine red or something!!!

You're too much girl!

Love you and I'm glad you're still alive to tell about it!

Connie Pombo said...

Hey, it's Friday and I'm still kicking! Maybe this will cure me of my obsessive-compulsiveness, and I won't have to start that support group after all.

Umm...fire-engine red--now that's a thought. I'm out to buy all new toothbrushes and label them. LOL!

Good to hear from you!