Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Taking Ten Minutes

The backyard is my favorite place, but more so lately with limited mobility. To get you caught up to speed: While visiting my family in California I went dirt bike riding (not on my passionate to-do list) and a tree jumped out in front of me! A torn rotator cuff—among other things—was the end result. I'm in physical therapy twice a week, which has slowed me down quite a bit...something I needed.

But I'm back to taking pictures and that is my passion, something I discovered through my tragedy, pain and loss with cancer eleven years ago. Now I'm re-learning what I've always known...whatever you are going through in the "pain" department it opens your eyes to things you might have missed along the way! This sunset started out with the clouds rolled back as a scroll...like one of my favorite hymns. So guess what? I sang the sunset down! And because I was patient…I got this picture. Oh, I’m glad I waited 10 minutes!

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Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Keep taking those pictures Connie... I love the shots you take. You capture the "moment" and show us a little slice of heaven here on earth. I'm praying for you with your injury.

Could you do me a favor and pray for a young girl (graduated Jared's school last year) named Jamie. She's Jared's baseball coach's daughter and for the last year has been in constant pain. She's had headaches that have put her in the hospital and kept her from going to college. It has gotten so bad and doctor's don't know the cause that she just wants to die. I know right now you're experiencing intense pain.

I did for two weeks straight a few years back with an intestinal infection (not virus) that made my colon pinch and contract like I was in labor 24-7. I've never been in such intense constant pain and it was right in the middle of my first Cup-of-Comfort tour... I stood in agony in the middle of Atlantic bookstore asking God for grace to get through when all I wanted to do was lay down doubled over in pain.